Trends & Tourism closely follows the (global) developments and trends in the field of tourism and recreation. In doing so, a large number of national and international information sources are used.

Presentations, workshops and future visions

Trends & Tourism provides insights into these trends through presentations, workshops and future visions. And perhaps more importantly how organizations could respond to these trends.

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Trend presentation

Insight into the most important trends and developments in tourism

What are the important trends / developments in (international) tourism and recreation? In a trend presentation, an insight is given into this in an inspiring way. In addition, different perspectives can be chosen.


Focus can be on the Dutch holiday market, international tourism to the Netherlands, a specific sector / market segment or other approach (customization possible).

Networking or change process?

The presentation can be used in various ways: for example as part of a network meeting or as a start of a change process. Afterwards, the attendees are fully informed about trends and developments.

Trend workshop

Generate ideas to better respond to trends in tourism / recreation

Insight into current and future trends in tourism / recreation is important. It indicates where the opportunities lie for the future. Even more important is how to respond to these opportunities.

Interactive design

In an interactive design, together with the participants of the workshop, we explore where the possibilities lie. To stimulate creativity, various creative techniques are used.

At the end of the workshop you are guaranteed at least five promising ideas on how your organization can better respond to future consumer demand.

Outside - in thinking

The trend workshop is an ideal tool to stimulate the outside - in thinking of a department or organization. The workshop can be arranged at both client and external location.

Future vision

A future perspective for a destination or  market segment

To be able to respond well to the opportunities that tourism offers, a vision of the future is of great importance. Based on, among other things, an environmental scan and an extensive analysis of supply and demand developments, the most likely future for your destination or sector is determined.

Uncertainties and scenarios

At the same time, it examines the main uncertainties for the future and alternative scenarios can be developed. In the realization of the vision, use is made of our broad knowledge and experience with trends / developments.

A future vision is the ideal starting point for developing a new strategy.

"For fact based insights in tourism & recreation"

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