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From Trends & Tourism there is ample experience with all forms of research: national and international, quantitative and qualitative.


Collaboration with various agencies

Trends & Tourism cooperates with multiple market research agencies when it comes to data collection and analysis.

Thanks to this approach, the best choice of agency can be made - depending on the research question and the budget.

Trends & Tourism mainly focuses on getting the research question clear, translating it to the questionnaire and reporting / interpreting the results.

Sparring partner

Distinctive point of Trends & Tourism is that we know what is going on in the sector. This makes us your ideal sparring partner and enables us to organize research as optimally as possible.

An appropriate research design

Trends & Tourism offers a research design that fits your research question and your budget!


Forms of research

Trends & Tourism can support you in all kinds of research.

Below some examples:

  • awareness and image research
  • monitoring of visitors and spending
  • effectiveness of communication efforts
  • market opportunities for a new product / service
  • exploration of a new target group

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